Technical Editing Crochet Patterns

Technical editing is the process by which a designer asks for another set of eyes to evaluate a pattern for clarity and consistency.  While I have been editing crochet patterns since only 2013, I have been developing my craft for 30+ years.  My university education in sciences which relied heavily in data entry and statistics has prepared and fine tuned my evaluating eye for the minute mistakes.  I have a Bachelor’s and Master’s of Science and a partial completion of a PhD program.

So, Why do you need a Technical Editor (or TE)?  Because none of us can see our own mistakes.  The most important thing a TE will do is verify functionality of the pattern!  Basically asking, “does it work?”  My goal is to return a pattern that can be read in a clear and consistent manner.

These are the questions I would answer when assessing your patterns:

  • Is there accuracy in gauge and sizing?
  • Are abbreviations consistent with Craft Yarn Council (or the authority for which the pattern is written)?
  • Are all codes and abbreviations uniform throughout the pattern?
  • Are all special stitches clearly explained?
  •  Is the notes section clear and complete?
  • Does anything from the body of the pattern need to be added to the notes section?
  • Does each line refer to the previous row in the correct manner? In other words, are you telling me to stitch into the type of stitches that I made in the previous row?
  • Do all parts of the pattern work in unison?  Text matches chart and both work with schematic, if present?
  • Is basic punctuation used properly?  Are there any typographical errors in text?
  • Are all pattern repeats accurately noted with punctuation?
  • Do all row stitch counts accurately match the stitches performed in that row?

Pattern appearance, organization, and completeness will be assessed in a manner consistent with the desired source of publication.  In general, I will verify the following parts:

  • Title
  • Brief description
  • Project Level
  • Complete supplies list: hooks, yarn (amount), needle, scissors, special items.
  • Stitches used: in Craft Yarn Council style unless publication source is different.
  • Notes
  • Gauge: understandable if there is a unique pattern stitch for gauge.
  • Pattern text language is consistent: (Beg Ch or Round/Row 1 is consistent throughout).
  • When to fasten off, join or rotate the item is clearly noted.
  • Weave in ends and block if necessary is noted.

For all these services, I will charge $25 per hour with a 1 hour minimum.  If you write mostly accessory or other short patterns, please look into my Bulk Tech Edit rate.  Payment is accepted via paypal.  See my Fees page for more information and to contact me.

  1. Novella Bobo left a comment on February 21, 2019 at 9:32 pm

    Do you work with Google Docs?

    • Emily Reiter left a comment on February 24, 2019 at 1:44 pm

      Yes, I do!

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