Crochet Lessons

If you are local to the College Station, Texas region, I will happily join you for a crochet lesson.  From beginners to experienced stitchers.  If you are outside the area, please email me at

Children: I have helped as young as 7-8 year olds.   I think younger than this would be difficult due to how crochet requires you to hold the working yarn, hook, and stitched pieces and keep tension on all at the same time.  I have found that embroidery, cross-stitch & needlepoint DO work with younger children and we could learn that to improve tactile function and hand-eye coordination.

Beginner:  Did someone teach you how to crochet but it’s been a long time?  Can you “only do simple stitches” or chains?  There is NO SHAME in being at your level of experience in crochet.  We all start at the beginning.  Just like driving or riding a bike, if all you ever drove was straight flat roads, sure some hills and curves would seem scary, no matter how long you’ve driven on the straight and flat.  But, the excellent thing about crochet is that it all builds on the same movement.  If you can pull the yarn through a loop with the hook, you can do anything.

Experienced: Have you been stitching for a while but the more complex stitches are daunting?  Do you want to expand into broomstick lace or hairpin lace? Have you tried Tunisian or Afghan stitching?  Come with me as we explore these varieties of crochet.

Fees: Individual lessons are $25/ hour for 1-3 students.  Group rates can be negotiated if you have a group that would like to learn (like scout/student groups, or your adult group).

Contact: Email me at

Crochet Club: Sign up for the FIAT FIBER NEWSletter for upcoming information on group classes that you could join.

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