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I’m about to go to JoAnn’s with a $20 gift card for free!  I will also be using the $5 stash cash I earned a few weeks ago, so it’s really like $25.  This gift card didn’t come from a friend, or loved one, or even from the store itself.  It was because I bought regular groceries for my family and previous purchases at JoAnns, and probably something on Amazon.

I got this card through my Ibotta app.  If you don’t have Ibotta, yet, you need it.  It’s a rebate app where you earn either a percentage of your purchase or a set rebate amount for certain purchases.  I mostly use it at the grocery store and JoAnns but it has loads of other opportunities.  fruits-grocery-bananas-market.jpg

When you pull up your grocery store in Ibotta, there will be options to select.  I’ll admit, I usually don’t buy most of the name brand items that are offered.  But, the awesome thing is there are frequently “Any Item” kind of rebates.  This is for buying ANY brand of that particular item, even the store brand.  Bread, milk, eggs, cheese, apples, tomatoes, bananas have all been any item choices.  There’s often a rebate of $0.25 for simply shopping for anything.  That’s right, anything.  You just submit the receipt for buying anything at the store and they’ll give you a quarter.  So, your balance may grow more slowly, but it still grows.

The JoAnn’s rebates are often for seasonal items, but there are almost always rebates for buying their in-house yarn.  There is often a rebate of 5% of your total purchase!

When your rebate balance reaches $20, you redeem it for cash value.  It can go to your Paypal or Venmo accounts.  You can also redeem it for a number of gift cards to websites, stores and restaurants.


How do you get started?  Click here for my referral link, it’s probably better to do this on the device where you want the app.  But you can still set up your account on a computer, too. You’ll load the app, set up your account, and start choosing your rebates.

Go Shopping and decide whether or not you actually want the item for your rebate.  Personally, even if I select some of the name brand rebates, when I get in the store, it’s still not worth the price.  But I always get the ‘any item’ rebates.

After you shop, go back to your app.  For some stores, you can link your rewards member account (like Kroger).  For others, after you shop, you will be asked to scan certain items’ bar codes to verify you purchased them.  You may also be asked to take a picture of the receipt or at least to scan the bar code on your receipt.  That’s it, then the receipt will be verified and the money will be added to your ibotta account.

When your rebate account has reached at least $20, you can redeem it.

Today, I’m taking my $25 and I’m going to get a zipper and maybe a few other goodies.  If I spend all of the $25, and use my 5% rebate, I will earn back $1.25 to my account!  If I buy a Big Twist value yarn, I’ll get another $1.  Buttercream yarn, another $1.  Big Twist Rainbow Classic, another $1.  You get the idea??

When you click on my referral link, you will begin with $10 already in your rebate account!  Yes, it provides a gift to me, too, but yours is bigger!  What a great reason to buy more yarn!  Enjoy!


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