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I don’t usually catch things right at the beginning of the craze, but I’m sure hoping I am on this one!  Last night, I pulled out the knitting needles and stitched up a Chloe Kim inspired hat.  I took some late night pictures (I know, the one of me by the door is NOT fantastic, at all) and I listed it on my Etsy shop.  I posted on a few facebook groups and it sold this morning!!  I am going to make another, and another.

It’s my brand new listing on the Etsy shop.  Please share far and wide.  My family could certainly use a boost.  Plus, remember that by joining my newsletter, you receive a coupon for the Etsy shop.  You can totally use it to get one or more of these hats.  🙂

I used this Olympic Inspiration pattern from Ravelry.  By now there are a handful of both knit and crochet patterns to match the hat.  There’s also an Etsy vendor who’s creating the USA labels.  I personally had the great big ball of Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick that I had purchased at Michael’s last month with some awesome coupons.  You can find the same type of yarn, but maybe not the giant ball, here on Amazon.  Wool Ease is 20% wool.  If you’re wanting wool-free, this Bernat chunky looks like it’d make a great hat, too and it’s 100% acrylic.

**Update Feb 19, 2018:  This hat has continued to bless my family.  Saturday was suspiciously void of sales, but they returned again on Sunday.  I have also added a link where you can select different color options.  Slate gray in the wool ease (80/20% acrylic-wool) and a white option in 100% acrylic.  The natural Fisherman wool ease option is still available.

If you have ordered a hat you will have it shipped within a week.  Thank you, again, for supporting my family.

Click any of the Etsy links above to be taken directly to the listing.  Thank you.


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