Sari Silk Boho Scarf Pattern

I love the idea of Sari Silk, that it is providing jobs and income to women while at the same time reducing waste, and providing us with a beautiful, functional item!  But it can be difficult to decide how to use it.  With this short pattern, you will create an everyday scarf that shows all the beauty of the yarn.

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Project Level:

Beginner:  Basic stitches only, nothing complicated.

Hook:  Furls Odyssey K hook 6.5 mm

Yarn:   Sari Silk spun into yarn or a cord.  Most Sari yarn I’ve had is bulky. (I’ve gotten most of my sari silk yarn from independent spinners on Etsy, I enjoy supporting the small businesses.)

Stitches Used (US terms following Craft Yarn Council):

ch(s):  Chain(s)

dc:  Double Crochet


Gauge:  Gauge is not necessarily important for this piece as sari silk is usually inconsistent in its thickness.  You want a hook that provides tight chain stitches that don’t utilize very much yarn.  This will best show the colors of the yarn in that small section.  Because sari silk has very frequent color changes, a stitch that uses a longer distance of yarn (a loose stitch) will have colors mashed together.  But a tight chain uses less distance in the yarn and thus has fewer color changes smooshed together.  I found the most attractive stitch with a hook just big enough to yield a tight chain stitch.  If your Sari yarn is thin you may need to reduce your hook size to have a tight chain.

My piece was 2 inches (5 cm) x 4.5 feet (137cm), your piece will be determined by the length of your yarn.  All spinners yield different size hanks or skeins.

Row 1: Ch 12, dc in 9th ch from hook, ch 2, skip 2 chs, dc in 1st ch.
Row 2: Ch 5, turn, skip first dc and 2 chs, dc in dc, ch 2 skip 2 chs, dc in next ch.

Repeat Row 2 until yarn runs out or scarf is desired length. Finish off by chaining remnant tail of yarn, or yarn over and pull through final loop on hook and trim desired tail.

Use as a headband, scarf, belt, purse accent, anywhere you want a splash of color!

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