Meet the Tech Editor: Jean Clement, Desert Rose Fiber Arts

In this second installment of the Meet the Tech Editor series, I’d like to introduce you to Jean Clement of Desert Rose Fiber Arts.  You can find the first installment right here.

I met Jean through a tech editors group and she’s been a kind, valuable and generous resource through that group whenever I, or others have had a question about our business.  She is a full service yarn entrepreneur!  She has designed and published many patterns in several publications, she creates her own stitch markers and can also assist in website design.

On her website (which is beautiful, by the way), you can find easy access to her shop, tech editing, website design services.  Her shop is on her own website, you are not redirected to Etsy (like on my page) or anywhere else.  She does have a few free patterns as well.  The website design looks really nice, too.  As someone who had a friend set up my initial free website, I can validate that it’s usually helpful to allow someone else to do that initial grunt work to help shove you up the hill.

As for tech editing, Jean works on both knit and crochet pieces in both US and UK terms.  She has a different pricing structure than I do and she provides a variety of services.  Be sure to check out her options HERE if you’re interested.

Why does Jean enjoy tech editing?  In her own words,

I love tech editing because I’m a ‘numbers’ person (accountant), and it’s satisfying to help someone take their pattern from draft to polished.

Some fun non-yarn things that Jean likes to do is she is an amateur student of rock art and her favorite place is Moab.  Please visit Jean and give her site some love.  One of the items she doesn’t prefer to edit right now is amigurumi & toys.  If these are crochet patterns, I would LOVE to take on the job!  I have made dozens of toys for my children and am familiar with the construction.

If you are considering starting your own website, or upgrading from a free platform to a hosted website, I would be happy for you to join me in the SiteGround family.  I’ve been using siteground for my hosting and have had no complaints so far.  Here is my affiliate link for joining them.  Also, good to know, Jean said she can work with you and siteground (or whichever hosting company you have) if you choose to have her help you with web design.

Web Hosting

Please go give Jean some love over on her page.  If you’re interested in more information on Tech Editors and what we do, you can check out my previous “Meet the Tech Editor” post, or THIS article about tech editing.  For my person services, click right HERE, or up top on the “how to hire Emily” header.

If you are a Tech Editor (crochet or knit) and would like to be featured in a “Meet the Tech Editor” post of your own, feel free to contact me.


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