Going to CGOA, Part 3, etc.

I haven’t had a random update in a while.  So, here goes.  I have accomplished step 3 in the going to CGOA list.


I bought my plane ticket!!  Wow, there were some pitiful options by the time I was getting mine.  Like leaving at midnight or arriving at 2 AM, or 12 hour layovers.  I didn’t get excellent times, but I was able to find non-stop flights.

On other fronts, I am continuously working on the “Earn Money” task.  I’ve had some great posts on larger blogs than mine that have helped to get my name out to a wider audience of crochet bloggers.  I think it’s actually helped to acquire a few more clients and for that I am immensely grateful.

If you haven’t seen those posts, one is on the CrochetPreneur website about the value of using a technical editor.  The other is a guest post on the Underground Crafter with a pattern and tutorials for embroidery on crochet.  I had so much fun with both of them.

In other news, I’ve refined my billing structure, it’s all viewable on the “How to Hire Emily” tab under What to Expect, or Fees.

I hope everyone’s signed up for my newsletter.  It may be coming a few days late this month, but there’s going to be a designer exclusive.

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