Going to CGOA – Packing

The real packing has begun.  Wednesday, I will fly out of Houston and arrive in Portland at an un-Godly hour.  My body will feel like it’s 2:30 AM.  Please pray that I’m able to sleep on the plane.  There’s been a whole level of anxiety just about the flight, what’s safe to take, how to handle all the liquid business, because I haven’t flown since our honeymoon, 10 years ago!

Nervous, excited, strangely calm, nervous again.

Do I have everything? Am I missing something?  What best represents me and what I can do for publishers as a tech editor?  This has been a big hangup for me.  I could show published patterns that I’ve edited, but how do you show what you’ve actually done with that pattern?  How can an editor hand over “To Kill a Mockingbird” and say “I edited that, can’t you tell?”

I’m going to rely heavily on my excellent testimonials from my clients.  I will probably also be up to an insane hour tonight or tomorrow adjusting a resume to best portray the work I’ve done thus far.  Then there’s the printing.  Can I print enough to take with me?  I have the business cards.  I’m super excited about that.  They’re awesome!

I’m at the point that I have to just give it over to God and trust that I’ve prepared enough, and all I can do is present myself and see what happens.  See you soon, Portland!

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