Day 1 & CGOA

(Be sure to continue the journey with me and view Day 2 and Day 3 updates.)

Today has been amazing. I have met so many bloggers that I have admired for years, and they hugged me!!!! Kathy Lashley hugged me like she knew me! I can’t even tell you how many ELK Studio patterns I’ve done, and admired many more. And she hugged me. Marly Bird walked by when I was talking on the phone to my husband & eating. I waved my hand all big while with food in my mouth I say, “It’s Marly Bird!! I’m waving at you like I’m your friend.” Like an idiot.

But I had a much better meeting later with her and Tamara Kelly of Moogly blog (literally one of the very first blogs I started following 6 years ago). I have made so many Moogly patterns. Her granny square CAL’s have introduced me to loads of other designers, too.

Marly also gave me a great big hug. Oh man, I love that girl. It must be kind of hard and weird to be on the other side of all the live videos. We who watch all feel like we know her, but she doesn’t know us. So when we wave at her with salad in our mouth like she’s an old friend we haven’t seen in a long time, she’s probably thinking, “should I know her?” Or “oh no, not another.”

My roommate, Bethany Dearden of Whistle & Ivy could not be sweeter (I’m linking you to my FAVORITE W&I pattern, the baby flip flop sandals). She and Pia Thadani of Stitches & Scraps have introduced me to several others! I met a Katie of KT & the Squid (I totally LOVE LOVE LOVE this ruffle bag pattern!)! And Jennifer Pionk of A Crocheted Simplicity, and Pam of Sincerely Pam, and Jessie Rayot of Jessie at Home.

I’ve also met one of my super sweet blogging/business/friend & client Kirsten Holloway of Kirsten Holloway Designs! I’m so glad to finally meet her in person.

Yes, I’ve done a bit of business talking, too. Without trying to be too super pushy, I’ve passed out my card to many designers, I’ve even given the resume to a handful of folks and had good business chats.

I attended the business meeting and sat behind and near some pretty awesome people. Lily Chin was right in front of me, along with some other very impressive people that I should know better.

Then the marketplace opened. This is the other huge reason for coming. YARN!! This was my haul.

I also played with some fun new yarns from Lion Brand Yarn in the LB lounge.

Of these, the rewind is my absolute favorite. They have a yarn called “Feels like Buttah” but I think they should have called the rewind that name. It felt so amazing going through my fingers!!! The Anya was also very nice to work with.

I haven’t gone selfie crazy because I was trying to down play the fan-girl a bit. Maybe I’ll get more tomorrow.

Tomorrow starts early with the Buddy breakfast, then my first class at 9!

(Be sure to continue the journey with me and view Day 2 and Day 3 updates.)

*Update: I have 27 Moogly patterns saved in my Ravelry library.  13 ELKStudio.

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