Day 2 at CGOA

Be sure to check out my post about Day 1 and see the awesome haul I got from the marketplace!  Day 2, Fantastic. My body must still be on some Central time because I woke up at 5:50 here. I guess, technically, that would be like sleeping in, if I were at home and it was 7:50. I was able to get a good big breakfast. Gotta love the Hampton with the free hot breakfast.

Then I met some more newbies and my meeting mentor at the Buddy Breakfast. I shared my crochet life story in 2 minutes of an introduction. But I also saw that Jenn Williams was wearing the same piece I was!!

How fun is that???? I absolutely love this piece and I was so excited to see someone else with it.


I had my first class with Pauline Turner. She’s brilliant, a wealth of knowledge and she will be inducted into the CGOA hall of fame tomorrow night at the banquet.

Lunch was amazing with Pia Thadani, Kirsten Holloway & Marly Bird!!!! Sweet Kirsten had a fan come up to meet her! It was a special moment for both of them. I finally got a Marly Bird picture!!  She’s just as sweet in person as on video.

I went back to the marketplace after lunch because I needed to vote in the designers competition. But then I passed by a couple of booths. I got a ball of linen to try out. Then I stayed at the Redfish DyeWorks booth for a while to decide on some silk. While there, I got to talking with Kathryn White and she showed me how to work Solomon’s knots. How special is that?

On the right are my purchases. On the left is a couple flowers I made from a little mini skein of chic sheep by Marly Bird that she gave us.

The cute duck was my gift I received in the gift exchange after tonight’s award show. It’s so cute, I’m sure the kids will fight over it.

Then there’s the bag. I stood in line for over 30 minutes to get a ticket for this goody bag. Here are the contents…well worth the trip!

Aaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! So exciting!!

Now I’m back in my room, watching Jaws on the discovery channel, and barely keeping my eyes open. Gonna sleep soon. Tomorrow will be another very busy and very long day.

Continue the journey with me tomorrow for Day 3.

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