Day 3 at CGOA

Be sure to catch up on Day 1 & Day 2 at CGOA!

What a great conference!!! Anywhere where I have to pack an extra bag to take home yarn is a great place! The fact that half that yarn was free?!?! Even better! (Yes, I know I paid to be at the conference, just Shhhh!)

My all day class, today, was a pattern writing critique with Edie Eckman. I also asked her to sign my book! I was very eager and a bit nervous about this class. Edie has written several books, hundreds of patterns and she is also a tech editor. I was going to wake what she said about writing crochet as the gospel truth.

I was worried she’d say that I might have misled one of my designer clients. But, no!! I completely agree with all of her pet peeves. Never did I think “oh dang, I told someone the wrong thing.” So, my clients, if I suggested a change, it has been validated!! Yahoo!!! Yes, of course, she was still lenient toward the fact that there are several ways to write crochet. There are many patterns that could be crocheted, but aren’t in traditional pattern form. Half of it is about being easier on the eyes for the reader. The rest of writing a pattern is what you are saying to your audience.

Over lunch, there was a meet and greet opportunity. I had an excellent meeting with the representatives from:


And Annie’s & Red Heart yarn AND also the representative from Knit Picks in the marketplace.

I am really excited to see what happens after this.

After classes and back to the hotel. Quick turn around to get ready for the banquet.

Here’s me and my roommate, Bethany waiting to go in.

Lots of ladies helped model pieces for the fashion show. Here I am waiting, again.

Backstage was Kathryn White, who taught me the Solomon’s knot, yesterday. Here she is with one of her shawls. They are fabulous!!!! So many beads and all in the right place. She says they help keep the shawls in place and she is right! I have junk she wore a different shawl each day and they were all gorgeous!

Finally the fashion show got started. I was in the first group and here are some shots my table mate was able to get.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a crochet conference banquet without giving us more yarn!!! Here’s today’s freebies. Red heart was all from the banquet, plus the hook, note pad & tape measure. The other bulky yarn was leftover from someone else’s goody bag and they just left it on a table in the lobby with a note that she couldn’t use it and take it if we can! Now I have two of the same type and I can make a striped bag.

Finally, my stuff sack. Not all the yarn I obtained is squishable. Some are on spools. But all the squishable yarn was put in the sack and squished. Then placed in my second bag that was packed inside my suitcase. ??

It’s been great but now I must sleep, if I can. I have to get up at 3:30 to get to the airport for a 5 AM flight. Yay….

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