The Artist’s Way, A Read-Along, Will you join me?

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Through one of my clients, I have discovered Matt at A Boy and Bunting.  He is beginning a read along with the book The Artist’s Way, which is about developing your own creativity.  Personally, I haven’t really thought of myself as a creative person.  I thought I was educated and smart and maybe skilled. I could do the skill or craft of cross-stitch, needlepoint, or crochet.  But I left all the creativity to the designer.  Even now, I don’t think of myself as creative.  I know this might be stifling something that might want to be released.

I’m not very good at book clubs.  I’m in a local one, but I have trouble devoting “eye time” to a book when I could be devoting it to crochet.  However, this read along is broken down week by week.  I don’t have to read a whole book in a month.  There’s a facebook group associated with it.  Matt is going to have the whole thing planned.

In reading the introduction to the book, it has been fundamental in changing many people’s lives, all for the better.  If you’ve been thinking about becoming a crochet designer but something’s holding you back, will you join me?  If you’re already a designer but you feel at a slump in your own creativity, will you join me?

Personally, I bought the kindle version of the book, thinking that I’ll be more likely to read it anywhere and everywhere I have a passing moment with my phone rather than being stuck in the car thinking “I wish I brought my book.”  So I’ve been adding my affiliate amazon link for the kindle version of the book.

I hope you join me in this journey.  I really hope I actually continue and don’t just commit at the beginning and fall through.  I’d like to explore my own creativity and “let it flow” rather than keep thinking “you’re not a designer, your just a maker.”  Stop it, little voice!

Will you join me in a read along of The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

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