Free Pattern Outdoor Sit Mat


  • Bernat Maker Outdoor Stripes, Bulky 5 weight (68% Acrylic / 32% Nylon, 249 yards / 228 meters, 8.8 oz / 250 g) Fresh Teal Stripe, 1 skein
  • Tunisian Hook US L/8mm, (Optional normal crochet hook of similar size for edging)
  • Notions: Scissors, Needle



9 pattern stitches & 12 rows = 5”



18” x 20”



Intermediate: Projects may include involved stitch patterns, colorwork, and/or shaping.



Ch: Chain, St(s): Stitch(es), Sk:  Skip, Sl St: Slip Stitch, TSS: Tunisian Simple Stitch, Yo: Yarn Over



TSS: Tunisian Simple Stitch: insert hook from right to left under the front vertical bar of the stitch, draw up a loop.



  • Pattern is worked in Tunisian Lace stitch.  First row is done by *YO once, skipping one st in the initial foundation row, and working 1 TSS in the next st; repeat from * to end.  Return pass as normal. All following rows of Lace TSS are done by working 1 TSS in the first st, *YO, TSS in next TSS; repeat from * across placing last TSS through two loops of final stitch.


  • Return Pass is always worked by YO, draw through 1 loop (this counts as the ch 1 at the end of the row), *YO, draw through 2 loops; repeat from * across until 1 loop remains on hook.  You will draw through the wrapped loops the same as loops drawn up in the forward pass. This will leave the effect of spaces between stitches.



Pattern is worked in rows from the bottom up in Tunisian lace stitch.  Then the entire piece is edged in slip stitches.






Using Tunisian hook, Ch 55


Row 1: Draw up a loop through each ch, keeping all loops on hook. Work Return Pass-55 st


Row 2 – 34: Work 1 tss in first st, work lace Tunisian st across by *YO, sk 1 st, TSS in next st; repeat from * across. Work Return Pass. Do not finish off after last row.– 27 TSS


When the return pass is worked in Tunisian crochet, there is a row of stitches that sits above the stitches that receive the forward pass.  As we “close” the top, we will work through the normal front bar of the TSS and also through this upper row of stitches. They appear like a row of chain stitches holding your YO and drawn loops in place.


Try to work your slip stitches slightly loose.  If they are too tight, your sides will cinch or buckle.  If you see this happening, rip out your stitches and try again.


Edging Round 1: (Optional to switch to a normal crochet hook of similar size) Work sl st across top row by *inserting hook through front bar of TSS and through a top loop at the same time to draw up your sl st, work next sl st only through the top row; repeat from * to end of row, (ch 1, sl st) in same st as last sl st forming  corner, sl st across side of piece working 1 sl st in end of each row to corner, work (sl st, ch 1, sl st) in corner st, work 1 sl st in each foundation ch to end of row, work (sl st, ch 1, sl st) in corner st, sl st across final side working 1 sl st in end of each row to beginning of round, (sl st, ch 1) in last corner, join with sl st to beginning st.-55 slst on top and bottom, ~37 slst on each side, side stitch count may vary for you.


Edging Rounds 2-5: ch 1, sl st in beg corner, *sl st in each st to corner, (sl st, ch 1, sl st) in corner ch-1 sp; repeat from * around placing (sl st, ch 1) in final corner and joining to beg sl st with sl st. Stitch count will increase by 2 sl st per corner.  Remember to keep it loose!


Finishing: Fasten off & weave in ends.  



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