Outdoor Stripes Sit Mat Story

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One of the excellent gifts I received at the CGOA Chainlink 2018 conference was a free cake of Bernat Outdoor Stripes.  I wasn’t quite sure what to make with just the one cake, so I got my Q hook and just started stitching.  The result was this fun little mat that’ll be great to throw in the car for parks, outdoor movies, or watching a game.  Anytime you don’t want to be directly on the dirt or grass.  Even better, because of it’s fiber structure, the grass just shakes right off!  Really!  Our backyard has very many sticker-burrs and I stepped on this mat on the ground in several places in our yard and NOTHING stuck to the mat!  It was awesome.

First, I tried making it like a table runner or long mat.  It worked but I wasn’t super excited about it.

So, I ripped out, switched hooks and tried again.  I’ve used Tunisian lace stitch for this pattern.  I have a big awesome double ended blue Tunisian hook.  There are zero markings on this hook.  I am fairly certain it is 8mm but not exactly sure without having calipers to measure it.  It has one of those hook heads that won’t fit through the hole of needle gauges.

This yarn is great and light weight.  I’m excited to be able to throw it in a bag, the car, or just carry it to have a clean place to sit.  It’s also a 1 cake project.  But imagine what you could do with more!

Here’s the link to Ravelry where you can add it to your favorites and library!


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