How to Crochet Thin-Thick Art Yarn

HOW DO I USE THIS???  Let me help you in this explanation for using thin-thick yarns.  Also good for pompom yarn, thick slubby yarn, anything that goes from extremely thin to having thick blobs of yarn.

I love art yarns.  I’m attracted to them for some reason.  I just love how interesting they look.  Then I try to stitch with them and I’m just flustered.  I don’t like making them super loose.  I’ve heard that when using a yarn of varied thickness you should get a hook that accommodates the largest thickness of the yarn.  But these super thin to super thick yarns just don’t work up in a pleasing way to me if I do that.

So, I made a headband with a slubby art yarn (See it here on Instagram) that came in a bundle from my CGOA convention trip.  I worked the single crochet headband in the back loop only and kept all the slubs on the back side of the piece.  Start with a chain that’ll reach around your head (or the user’s head) to start, join it, and start working sc into the chains.

One of my Instagram followers asked for a video, so here you go!

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