Holiday Blog Update

Wow, have I really not blogged since October??  What’s been happening?  Well, Thanksgiving.  How was yours?  Don’t know about American Thanksgiving?  Don’t worry, tell me about your November.  Ours is going well and I suppose I’ve just been busy busy and haven’t thought about adding to this blog!

Does that happen to you?  One aspect of my business starts to grow and then I forget about another very vital part.  If people don’t see an active blog on here, then what?  Will they know that I’ve been editing patterns and running after my kids all month?

I’m a bit of a nerdy geek and recently ‘ran the numbers’ on my editing that I’ve done this year.  It got me thinking about updating here on the blog some of that information.  Honestly, I was considering writing a year in review, which I probably will do.  But here’s what’s happened so far:

I have worked with 27 designers.  Edited 72 patterns.  Of those pattern, there were 25 accessories, 4 amigurumi, 3 blankets, 20 garments, 6 mandala style.

Thank you so VERY MUCH if you have been one of these designers.  I love you.  Really, you have provided so much for both me and my family.  I’m much better at editing the words than writing them, obviously.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve already seen this image, but I’ll share it again.


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