2018 craft fair update

Two big craft fairs are done and past and my feet hurt! I was at the 37th Annual Christmas Arts and Crafts show here in the Brazos Valley.

I did well. Not as good as some years but well enough. There were 3 booths with solid crochet. Plus st least 2 or 3 more booths with some crochet items!! Three on my aisle (including me). I really wish the organizer could have spread us out a bit more.

Crochet is definitely not disappearing, that’s for sure! This was my first year to try the rainbow scheme for laying out the items. I think it worked well. By saw people go directly to their color.

The cacti were big sellers on Saturday.

I’m still debating if I will continue this or pursue a different avenue for my finished items. I’m pretty horrible at photography and working the Etsy site.

I have one more mini-show at my husband’s office place. We’ll see what happens there.

From what I’ve heard, the best plan of attack for fairs is to pick a few things to make and make a bunch of that thing. But I just get bored doing that. Who knows. Maybe I’ll just donate the lot and start over.

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