Explaining Bulk Tech Edit

Sorry about that last post, error from the tablet. But I really did want to take a minute or two to explain this whole bulk tech edit thing to you.  I know it can seem  confusing on the surface.

Standard tech edit pricing is to charge per hour with each pattern.  My rate is $25/hour.   If the editing time takes longer than 1 hour, the time is usually rounded up to the next hour.  Personally, I round up by half hour blocks after the first hour.  This is a very fair pricing system if your patterns take a long time to edit. Long edits, for me, are garments, mandalas, and other complex stitch work patterns.

But what if you don’t write long patterns? You still want the value of having your pattern tech edited. My average edit time for accessories is 33 minutes.  However, I have some clients whose patterns take closer to 10-20 minutes to edit.  I’m not kidding.  Yes, it is a thorough job.  I don’t know if it is more due to the efficiency of the writer or my history of technical editing and science writing, but whatever the combination, some patterns are edited in a very short time frame.

Now, if you are that writer, you could conceivably get 3 or more patterns edited in the span of 1 hour.  Standard pricing would mean that 3 patterns would cost $75.  This is where Bulk Tech Edit saves you money.  By buying 60 minutes of tech edit time for $35, you saved $40 or more.

Is Bulk Tech Edit for you?  What kind of patterns do you write?  Do you write accessories or fairly short patterns?  Do you have a well established format or template from which you write your patterns?  These kind of writers will benefit most from bulk tech edit.

Email  me at emily.tony08@gmail.com to let mem know how many hours you would like to buy.

  1. Cheryl D. Floyd left a comment on December 26, 2018 at 1:14 pm

    Thanks so much for explaining this, Emily. It sounds like a very fair system for a very valuable skill. I currently use the services of another tech editor, who is worth her weight in gold, as I am sure you are. If I ever decide I need additional help, you will be the first person I contact.

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