Why you want to join the Darn Good Yarn Affiliate program.

Affiliate links are a brilliant way that many bloggers earn additional income. At ZERO added cost to the customer, the affiliate member receives a little bonus for connecting customers to products. While I personally haven’t been taking full advantage of this opportunity, it shouldn’t stop you from trying.

This month (January 2019) is a great time to join the Darn Good Yarn Affiliate program. By following My Affiliate Link  <—right here, you can sign up to join the Share a Sale program. After applying, choose to join Darn Good Yarn. What’s in it for me? When you join, I will receive a $5 bonus! Hot diggity! What’s in it for you? Possible income growth.

The link below leads directly to DGY’s Share a sale page. (Right click and open in a new tab so you don’t lose this article.)

Make Handsome Profits with Darn Good Yarn Affiliate Program

Why You Should Join Darn Good Yarn

  1. First of all, it’s a fabulous company! All their products are Fair Trade supported and are providing jobs to women!
  2. Free money! I mean really, what is better than writing a blog post or two and receiving some extra change for it?
  3. Why Not? I mean really, there’s no additional cost to the consumer, you’re helping businesses that you like, no one is forcing you or the customer. Ok, that was really 3 points.

Another fantastic reason is that Darn Good Yarn bought one of my patterns!!! My first ever pattern sale was simply because I tagged them when I was creating a little handbag.

Cut the Cord Clutch designed by ME!!

Here is my affiliate link where you can enter the code
FiatFiberArts15 to get 15% off the kit to make the Sari Silk Cord Clutch that I designed.  If you’d like to simply buy the piping cord use the coupon code here to buy materials only.  Using that materials link, you should automatically get 15% off.

Different programs have different return value, but it’s a nice incentive to support your favorite companies. Join me today in supporting Darn Good Yarn and all the beautiful people that are supported by this company.


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