Darn Good Yarn Cut the Cord Clutch

A beautiful inexpensive pattern is available at the bottom of this post, along with affiliate links and a coupon code to purchase the gorgeous fair trade yarn to make your own clutch.

I simply love the Darn Good Yarn company.  Once I found out about Sari Silk yarn, I had to get my hands on some.  Sari Silk Yarn is hand spun by women (and perhaps some men) in India (and maybe surrounding countries but mostly India).  It is created from the sweepings of dropped threads in the sari making facilities.  All those loose threads and sweepings are gathered up and spun into yarn.  The result is gorgeous.  They are often a blend of many different colors.

I’ve been able to find some Sari Silk vendors on Etsy from time to time.  But I worry about the sourcing.  Some say they are coming from fair trade sourced locations.  But, in the end, it’s just another Etsy vendor and the possibility is there that they are lying.

But when it comes to Darn Good Yarn, I completely trust them.  The owner has visited their sourcing locations and verified the situation.  I love the fact that by purchasing this gorgeous yarn, I am giving jobs to women who might not have another way to support her family.

Almost all my purchases from them are some sort of sale.  One time last year I ended up with some piped cording.  It’s a bit denser, feeling, than the normal sari yarn, but it doesn’t fray like the regular yarn.

My common problem with most art yarns is that I fall in love with how beautiful they are, but then when I start to stitch with them, I can’t figure out what to make that will best show that same beauty.  For this piping, I started off with a purse.  A small little clutch since I only had 1 ball of the yarn.  I decided to try a back loop only stitch to show more of the yarn.  As I was stitching it, I took a little picture and posted it on the DGY facebook page.  They liked it and asked to repost the picture.  The next day I took it one step further, I emailed them the picture of the final product and offered them the pattern, too.  They offered to purchase it and all of a sudden I had a pattern sale to a yarn company!!

The pattern is available as part of a kit that you can purchase from Darn Good Yarn.  If you use my coupon code FiatFiberArts15 and follow this link to buy the whole kit you will get 15% off.  If you’d like to purchase a beautiful pdf of the pattern only, you can follow this Ravelry button to buy it directly for only $3 USD.  
To be completely clear, the Ravelry link is purchasing the pdf from me.  The DGY link is purchasing from DGY but using my coupon code will help my affiliate account.

Furthermore, if you are or become a Darn Good Yarn superfan, you can join their affiliate program by following my affiliate link RIGHT HERE.

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