2019 A Year in Review & Looking Forward

What happened to January?? I’ll tell you what, you guys knocked it out of the park!!! January had a total of 66 patterns edited plus an ebook with 7 more patterns! What follows with the rest of this blog post is a rehash of what my brain was doing in the first week or so of January.

Another way you can find out what happened in 2019 is listen to the latest podcast from Eden Fried at Rebel Boss Ladies podcast, featuring me! It’s the awesome story of the launch of A Simple Guide to Grading Crochet that completely blew me away. Instead of having another brain dump, I’ll just publish this now.

Below was written early January 2020:

*I just spent the last hour brain dumping what happened to me in 2019.  It was really therapeutic and story telling.  A real diary entry and memoir of 2019 and how one decision led to another and another.  Then I got up for the family for some reason and the tablet fell asleep and it didn’t save.  Here is round 2.*

What happened in 2019?  Nutshell:  massive expansion in designers working with me and number of patterns published. First digital product created with successful launch.  First book editing project.  secondary partial book editing plus many patterns that should really be called books. Asked to join the Furls team as official tech editor.   Submitted to teach at CGOA, rejected, but it was a big step to apply.  Earned enough to put 3 yr old in mothers-day-out 2 days a week.  That was a big goal and the income has continued to support it.  Appreciate my skill a little more to increase pricing and set up 20 min minimum per pattern.  Develop membership options at 2 levels.

Worked with 65 New Designers.  Edited 415 total patterns and 2 professional books.

Sold 46 ebook packages and earned $1,818.

What’s happening in 2020?  First big goal will be enhancing chart making.  Need to really dive into tutorials to use Inkscape to develop charts.  If that doesn’t work, need to invest in adobe products and training to develop charts there.

prioritize time:  God, me, spouse, children, home, work.  I really put myself last this past year.  When I commit to a food plan, it usually consumes my whole world.  I need to find a way, this year, to work the food plan AND work in activity along with my job.  Im took old to disregard my physical health.  I know what healthy feels and looks like and its not where i am right now.  I need to do better for my children.  Even if it is 5 minutes of prayer and mindfulness, I need to spend some dedicated time to God.  I don’t feel distanced from God or my religious life, but it can always grow and it is good to remember who is most important and from where I gain all gifts for this life. My spouse, our relationship is good and I couldn’t imagine this life without my husband.  actually, I can imagine it because i have anxiety, and its not a happy life.  I have a great husband.  enhancing the spousal relationship is always beneficial to the entire family and society.

children seem to always jump to the front of the line.  so we have to often intentionally carve  out time for those priorities before them. when i prioritize the kids, it will involve the next factor,home.  i feel like a good mom when the house is clean.  so, prioritizing housework  will help me feel accomplished and always helps me feel better.

Then work. I have to recognize that this job,while important, is not the most important part of our life.  I want this job to grow and develop but I cant let my health, spiritual growth, or family suffer in the process.

Job goals 2020:

  • chart learning
  • bookkeeping & taxes, might need professional help
  • new dig products: how to write crochet ebook, templates, how to smaller bits, raglan grading? Gauge book or how to?
  • Reissue grading book
  • learn to say no
  • creativity acceptance (hook to heal)
  • CGOA NOLA.CYC training?  Booth?
  • A year with my stash.  apart from DGY membership absolutely NO buying yarn!  Gifts accepted.
  • designing patterns?  publishing patterns that have been in partial mode for years?
  • website: maybe hire someone to make it better? time fo VA?

Longer story: Fiber Boss free ebook speculating and dreaming. BHooked podcast. Digital product idea. Rebel boss university investment. Ashleigh Kiser to Teresa Carter to Modern Crochet. Deadline to launch – write. Pre-sales. Launch sales. Post sales. Designer growth. Join local women’s entrepreneurs group. Professional edit of book.  Increased rate of work.  Pay for Mother’s-Day-Out 2 days a week.  Consider and formulate membership options.

Increase rates and formulate membership.

PS: Bonus entry here… As of February, 3 of you have joined up as members in the Professional or Superstar level!  I’m so excited.  If you’re interested in the memberships, click here and let me know how I can help.

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