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The Sari Silk Tote Bag was sent to me by Darn Good Yarn for a review. Well, here’s my review…


My first impression of this bag was how light weight it is. It’s amazing!!! It weighs virtually nothing!!! The best thing about this bag is that you can have it with you ALWAYS. Keep it in your normal purse, bag, or pocket and you won’t even realize it’s there!! Until you need it!

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Last weekend, I attended the Texas Yarn Lovers Event and definitely put this bag in my standard shopping bag as my backup. I tried to limit myself to only filling these two bags and when they were full, I stopped spending. 🙂

Look at how much it held!!! You can see all the fiber that fit in the bag! Yes, the other bag doesn’t look full in the next picture, but I pulled out the non-fiber items (jar of honey, goat’s milk soap and lotion). It was a full bag when I dug down deep to pull out my DGY Sari silk bag. Just look at that GIANT ball of wool roving that was in there and it could hold so much more!!

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So, what’s so great about this bag? It’s the same Sari Silk that you get in these skirts! It’s going to be beautiful and unique. Each one is special. The stitching is very secure. It’s not like I’d trust it to hold 10 pounds of apples, but for the yarn shopping, or for the trip to the craft store, or just for carrying your project across the house or outside, it’s going to be great!

The other great thing about adding this bag to your order at Darn Good Yarn is that you’re continuing the mission of DGY! You’re providing jobs to mostly women (and some men) in India and Nepal!

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I love Darn Good Yarn and I hope you do, too. Check them out and grab your very own, completely unique Sari Silk Tote.

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