Darn Good Yarn Sari Silk Scarf Review

I love so much about the Darn Good Yarn company. As an affiliate, I’m offered the change to get a product for free so that I can review it and let you know what I think. Here’s my review of hte Sari Silk Scarf.

First of all, it’s gorgeous! No doubt about that. In all honesty, it did have a bit of warehouse funk when it first arrived. But I just put it outside on the closeline for a few hours and that smell COMPLETELY went away!!!! It worked wonders. (As an aside, when I got some DGY yarn that had the same funk, I set it outside on our picnic table for a while and the smell went away again, sunshine.)

So, after the funk was gone, I could totally revel in this glorious wonder. It’s always a random choice what you will receive. I love the fact that this was very clearly red-white-blue!!! Yes there’s also blakc and some purple, but it’s totally great for Fourth of July!!! This is my daughter sporting it when we went to Mass on 4th weekend.

Isn’t she fabulous? She felt just like a model. It’s great as a scarf for me, too. You can spread it out to be like a stole and have more coverage, or you can gather it altogether as just a decorative neck scarf. If you’re skinny enough, it could probably be a belt, too!! It’s pretty long. I love it.

If you’re looking for a new accessory, buying one of these scarves will really spice up your wardrobe. They all seem to have a multitude of colors so you could mix and match them with all kinds of outfits.

Here’s my affiliate link for DGY page with Scarf options, I hope you try it out. Remember, I receive a tiny commission from your sales but your pricing does NOT change when you use my link. 🙂

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