2022 Goals or No Goals?

One more year has come and gone. If there’s anything the last 2 years have taught us is that you can’t plan for everything. But God isn’t asking us to plan for everything, He’s asking us to live.

Are you living your life in a way to love, serve, and know God and to love your neighbor as yourself?

What’s this have to do with yarn?

When New Year’s comes around, I feel pressured to make all kinds of decisions.

Do I set goals for the family? For myself? For my business? What if I don’t reach those goals? Then I’ll just feel like a failure…so maybe I just won’t do anything.

Sound familiar? Well, when it comes to my personal yarn stash, there are some issues. There’s a lot. Like, a LOT, a lot. So much that even my daughter tells me “you gotta stop buying yarn!”

The last two years, I have kept and counted the labels from everything I used all year. 2020 was supposed to be “a year with my stash” where I wouldn’t buy new yarn. That lasted until my birthday in May. 2020 I used 137 labels. 2021 was going to be the year with my WIPs. Granted, I did accomplish quite a bit of crochet, 2021 was 248 labels (plus many unlabeled donations). But I certainly didn’t seem to decrease the amount of wips or stash.

This year, I really do need to get a handle on the yarn purchases. There’s still a big order to arrive this week, but that was made last year. But, again, I really gotta get a handle on it. So, I gave myself a goal of pulling out ALL the yarn I own to assess what I have and make a plan.

Today, I barely assessed what is in my bedroom. Really, just what is next to my bed. This is a bigger project that one day.

But, one thing I DID do, was collect my wips and write them down!!!!

That’s just part of them!! But they’re all in a bag! Fully labeled yarn got tossed in the closet. I think I’ll have a separate barrel (uh, basket) for unlabeled scraps.

Then I started to collect all my Darn Good Yarn yarn because one WIP I started yesterday, I really want to finish first. That’s a pillow cover from Toni Lipsey’s new book.

So, now I have to figure out why chi colors will work best and just do it! The WIP bag is there to remind me that I have projects of ALL different types that I can work. But I allow myself to start something new, too.

Will you be making any yarn goals this year?

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