2021 Year in Review

Here, I will reveal the numbers and types of patterns I have tech edited in 2021. 2021 was my fourth year of professionally tech editing and it was fantastic! It seriously ended with a BANG!

How Many Patterns?

In total, the patterns & projects worked in 2021 counted 526 patterns. Of those, 502 patterns were Crochet, 33 patterns were Knitting and 15 patterns were Tunisian. This is only slightly less than last year, but last year I edited 3 books along with everything else. This year has had its own issues, so I’m very happy about how it finished.

The Year of the Garment!

The garment was the dominating pattern to be edited this year at 135 patterns. I’m kind of surprised that home decor items came in second at 105. Accessories has been broken down into parts of the body where it is worn, otherwise, it would dominate. If I added Hands, Neck (scarves and cowls), Head and accessory together it would total 141 patterns.

Do you want to know what kind of garment patterns there were?

Sweaters, cardigans and generic tops dominated. It was really fun and interesting getting some dresses and skirts this year.

What made up all those Home Decor items?

Mostly Bags and baskets, kitchen items and “other” was ornaments and other decorations.

The remaining accessories that weren’t specifically scarves, cowls, hats, or other things with their own category break down as shown above. Mostly Shawls.

Knitting Patterns

Among knitting patterns, it was also the year of the garment!


Tunisian patterns were mostly accessories and garments. I really like Tunisian crochet, both to make and to edit. Last year had a bunch more Tunisian patterns, mostly due to Toni Lipsey’s book.

Onward to 2022!

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