Donated Yarn

The yarn fairy is for real!!!

Below, I just want to share with you some things around the house. We got new sets of drawers for the two little girls, so I got the blue & red dresser. I was able to reorganize my craft storage space in my room and the picture below is actually MUCH IMPROVED from what it was before. This is a LOT of floor space between that dresser and my bed!

Another reason why I needed to organize and clean up was because I was donated a big trash bag full of yarn!!! A mom-friend mentioned it to me on dm a while back. Then we both forgot. She dropped it off on Saturday and I just knew the YARN FAIRY was for real!!! It took me a while to remember that someone was going to gift me yarn, and then a check to my phone to remember the specific person. Oh man, there were like 5 balls of thread! Several furry/fluffy skeins. Plus some projects already started. I showed Jane how to do the granny stitch and that’s her working on the blanket that was already very far along in the bag! Judy is on the floor having just learned finger knitting. They’re both off and stitching!! Jane has already worked in several new rounds to that blanket.

Not only am I a recipient of unwanted yarn, but I was also the recipient of 4 boxes of embroidery floss and several partially started and completely new cross-stitch kits. The little Santa, below, was just about 1/3 worked when I opened the bag and I just had to finish him up the same day. The following week, I worked another Christmas kit.

I love accepting other people’s crafting items because they know it’s going to someone who will appreciate the supplies. But then I have to use it! Good thing I’m also editing a ton of mandala patterns!!! Major yarn eaters!

Do you accept yarn from others? This is not nearly my first acceptance. A lady at my bible study, last year, brought me multiple bags of yarn that were her mothers. Her mother had passed and she wanted to make sure it went to someone who wouldn’t just throw it away.

A few months before that, another mom-friend gave me multiple bags of yarn. I had to store some of it outside. But, I also was able to make several blankets really quickly by holding 2 strands of worsted together! I gave back to her at least 2 new blankets for her babies.

What do you do when you are donated yarn? Do you make things to give away? Do you use it as supplies for your onw gift giving or for your shop? I don’t want to apply guilt to anyone for any choice you make. I’m just curious. I think this last donation will be used to make some items for other foster children in my community because the mother who donated it is a foster mom and her family is truly amazing. She and her husband had 2 children when they started fostering. They’ve adopted one of their foster babies, then had another baby of their own (biologically), then continue to foster added babies. It’s truly wonderful to see. It’s also a big treat for me to see because when I first met her, the first two kids were little and she couldn’t understand how I handled 4-5 kids. Now she often has 6 in her home and most of those under age 4, if not infants.

If you don’t know where to send your items, the Crochet Guild of America has this link with ideas and links.

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