Furls Jumbo Hooks

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Fabulous Furls has done it again! They’ve released some new resin Jumbo Hooks!

Gorgeous as always. You can read my Cro-jo recovery story in “Furls for the Summer” blog post.

I’m sure these hooks are going to feel great and slide beautifully through the yarn. The great addition is that you can purchase the yarn to use with these hooks in the same purchase with the hook. Furls is offering Lion Brand Wool Ease Wow from their site. Click HERE to order your hook and yarn now.

If you’re looking for patterns using bulky yarn, check out Teresa Carter at DeBrosse. Teresa was the first designer brave enough to ask me to tech edit her book, Modern Crochet. It was such a fabulous experience and we were able to sit down, in-person, in Austin on a lark when she traveled with her husband. She’s a fabulous designer and has some really fun bulky and super bulky patterns. When I think of big yarn, she comes to mind first. I’ve edited for her since 2019. In addition to the book, I’ve edited dozens of patterns. Just this week, she replied with the following sweet comment.

How awesome is that?? If you want to join Teresa (and other awesome designers) in my client list, be sure to start with the header “How to Hire Emily” at the top of the page.

If you think the job of tech editor might be for you, check out “How to Become a Tech Editor” course.

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