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Be sure to read the posts about Technical editing crochet patterns and Why you should hire a technical editor.

The How to Hire Emily page will tell you What to Expect, including the aspects of the pattern that I will review and my fees.

Finally, you can contact me via email at, or via Facebook on my FiatFiberArts Facebook page.  I am also present on both Instagram and Pinterest, but Facebook and email are the preferred methods of communication.

Open pinterest and view this image with your camera while in the pinterest app and it will take you to my page.

If you were really coming here to find out more about my personal life, in addition to the info on the bio panel on the right panel of the home page, I am a Catholic Wife and Mother of 5 children.  I love crafting.  Cross-stitch, and a little bit of crochet and knitting, but mostly cross-stitch were my original crafting loves.  I learned more types of crochet stitches in high school.  My educational and professional pursuits were a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Management.  A Masters of Science in Range and Wildlife Management.  Time working professionally as an Environmental Consultant.  Then I began a PhD program with computer modelling and left it unfinished as I began to have my family.

After the birth of my third child, I discovered our local chapter of the Embroidery Guild of America and learned a whole new world of hand embroidery.  More techniques and styles of stitching than I could ever have imagined and would have never tried had it not been for the ladies in my guild.   I also explored what I could do with crochet.  Toys (amigurumi) became a new joy for both me and my children as I started to stitch up little animals for them.

As I was developing my crochet skills, I became a tester for Lorene Eppolite of Cre8tion Crochet.  Over the next few years, I assisted her with a number of patterns and from time to time, helped other designers as well.  Lorene has encouraged me to pursue technical editing.  And the rest is history!

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