For all jobs, I keep track of the minutes I work.  Unless otherwise specified, I will total all minutes worked and round up to the next half hour mark for billing purposes.  ALL paid situations are subject to individual negotiation between myself and the client. Please contact me to discuss your situation.

Technical Editing: $25/hour (minimum 1 hour per pattern, rounded up to next half hour for billing after the first hour. 1 hour = $25, 1.5 hours = $37.50, 2 hours = $50, etc.)

Bulk Tech Edit: $35/ hour Pre-Pay Sales, the client will receive all paid minutes in worked time.  Your best deal!!  This is the same service as Tech Editing, however you pre-pay for a block of time in 1 hour increments.  When you pay for 60 minutes of work, you will get 60 minutes of time, I will not round up to the next half hour when the current pattern is finished. I will keep track of a time sheet and the exact number of minutes used on each pattern you send me until the entire pre-paid time has been used. I will make you aware of the time worked and the time remaining.  Be sure to ask for BULK TIME when contacting me.

Chart Creation$25/hour

Editing Consultation$40/hour

Contract Crochet$0.12-$0.18 per yard stitched

Commissioned Crochet: Subject to negotiation, please see what is available in my Etsy shop or contact me.

Crochet Lessons: $30 per hour for 1-3 students, group rates can be negotiated.

Please contact me to reserve time or purchase a service.

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