Bulk Tech Edit

This is one example based on my 2018 average accessory edit rate of 33 minutes per pattern. However, half the patterns I edited were completed in under 30 minutes!

What is bulk tech edit? Bulk Tech Edit is my pre-purchase tech editing plan.  You purchase time from me at $35/ hour.  Then you use it at your leisure.


Do you write accessories, or have some previously published patterns that you’d like reviewed?  Are you not certain that tech editing is worth the cost?  Let’s make the most of your dollar.

Once you have purchased your time (Click HERE to purchase yours right now), you might send multiple patterns to be reviewed all at the same time. If you had asked me to tech edit the patterns individually, they would be charged a minimum of $25 per pattern.

This is a great option if you write accessories, short patterns, or you are fairly certain the pattern is accurate.  I will create a timesheet for you and I will record the exact number of minutes I work on each pattern you send me until the time is used up.

I have had some designers get 3 accessories patterns edited in 1 hour.  Others have used the whole hour on one pattern, then purchased another bulk hour.

Be sure to mention bulk tech edit when you contact me.  emily.tony08@gmail.com

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