Job Descriptions

Technical Editor

Be sure to read my post about Technical Editing Crochet Patterns.   

Primarily, I will make sure the pattern works!!  My goal is to return a pattern that can be read in a clear and consistent manner.

Pattern appearance, organization, and completeness will be assessed in a manner consistent with the desired source of publication.  In general, I will verify the following parts:

  • Title
  • Brief description
  • Project Level: Basic, Easy, Intermediate, Complex
  • Complete supplies list:
    • hooks (US J10/ 6.00mm)
    • yarn (Full description weight size, brand, content, amount used)
    • needle, scissors, special items
  • Gauge & Sizes:
    • Is gauge properly defined?
    • Is a unique pattern stitch for gauge?
    • Is there accuracy in gauge and sizing?
  • Pattern Key (stitches used):
    • Are abbreviations consistent with Craft Yarn Council (or the authority for which the pattern is written)?
  • Special Stitches:
    • Are all special stitches clearly explained?
  • Notes
    • Is the notes section clear and complete? Does anything from the body of the pattern need to be added to the notes section?
  • Pattern text language is consistent: (Beg Ch, or Round/Row 1 is consistent throughout)
    • Are all codes and abbreviations uniform throughout the pattern?
    • Does each line refer to the previous row in the correct manner (i.e.: Are you telling me to stitch into the next sc when the previous row was all Sl st?)
    • Is basic punctuation used properly? Are there any typographical errors in text?
    • Are all pattern repeats accurately noted with punctuation (Do all *, (), and [] sections work?)?
    • Do all row stitch counts accurately match the stitches performed in that row?
  • When to fasten off, join or rotate the item is clearly noted.
  • Weave in ends and block if necessary is noted.
  • Verify that all parts of the pattern work in unison: Text matches chart and both work with schematic, if present.

For all these services, I will charge $40 per hour with a 20 minute minimum per pattern.  All time spent editing your pattern will be recorded on your personal timesheet. Payment is accepted via paypal.  Email me at  If you are from a publication that has predetermined TE fees, please feel free to email me so we can discuss the situation.

Crochet Chart Creation

I can create free-hand charts using the Stitch Fiddle software/website.  This service will also cost $40/hour.

Contract Crochet

For Designers:  If you would like me to make one of your patterns, I will need the appropriate yarn mailed to me, or funds supplies so I can purchase the yarn.  If I will also be reviewing the pattern as a TE, the TE fees apply to the initial review time.  Stitching fees will be negotiated between $0.12-$0.18 per yard stitched.  Send me an email, let’s chat.

For Commission Pieces:  If you are requesting a specific item to be made, we will negotiate a cost based on the source of the pattern, yarn choice, & complexity of design.  Once a price has been determined, 50% will need to be paid before I begin stitching.  You can see examples of items I have made in the extensive photo album on Fiat Fiber Arts.  Pieces available for purchase are on the Etsy shop.

Editing Consultation

At a rate or $40/hour, I will discuss with you possible editing choices that you could make.  We could talk over a style sheet, or you can bounce ideas off me for ways you are writing certain aspects of your pattern.  This is in lieu of an actual tech edit.  We can talk over the phone or via a video chat system.  Because I will devote my attention to you completely (without interruption from children) it will need to happen in the evening or early morning Central Standard Time.  Please contact me.

Crochet Lessons

I believe crochet is best learned in person.  You Tube is a fantastic phenomenon and I have personally improved my own stitching ability by watching certain videos.  But if you are struggling with a technique, or beginning from scratch, or anywhere in between, the in person affect of seeing the stitches up close is invaluable.  To that end, lessons will happen wherever I am located.  Currently my home is in Texas.  If you would like to discuss private or group lessons, send me an email at  The fee would be $40 per hour for 1-3 students.  If you have a large group, let’s chat about a class rate.