ALL paid situations are subject to individual negotiation between myself and the client. Please contact me to discuss your situation if you have a very large project like a book or course.

All Technical Editing jobs will be paid and billed in a minutes per pattern system.  Time will be purchased in advance at a rate of $40/hour.  I will create a timesheet specifically for you.  Upon receipt of the pattern, I will edit it and return it to you and record the number of minutes spent on that particular pattern (minimum 20 minutes per pattern).  This system was previously called “Bulk Tech Edit” but will now apply to all patterns. PURCHASE YOUR TIME HERE

Chart Creation: Billed (recorded) on your timesheet the same as other editing of the pattern.  $40/hour (1 chart per month is included with Professional level membership, unlimited with Superstar level membership)

Schematics: Billed (recorded) on your timesheet the same as other editing of pattern. $40/hour (2 schematics per month are included in Professional level membership, unlimited schematics are included with Superstar level membership.)

Editing Consultation$40/hour.  Editorial [How to write crochet] questions that are unrelated to a current pattern in editing will be billed (recorded on your timesheet) at a rate of minimum 5 minutes per email/dm when you send me a message and I send a reply.  Phone calls and other long-form chat options will be recorded based on timestamp. (Unlimited consultation communication is available with both Membership opportunities.)

Tech Edit Memberships:  Memberships are now available if you are wanting to publish 4 or more patterns per month.  View THIS PAGE for the details on two options for membership. CHOOSE YOUR PAYMENT PLAN HERE

Contract Crochet$0.12-$0.18 per yard stitched

Commissioned Crochet: Subject to negotiation, please see what is available in my Etsy shop or contact me.

Crochet Lessons: $40 per hour for 1-3 students, group rates can be negotiated.

Please contact me to reserve time or purchase a service.