Prayers for Peace

October 7th was a normal Saturday at home, for us. I generally ignore the news, and even more on the weekend. Then, on Sunday, our priest mentioned attacks in Israel. I thought just one more rocket attack deflected by Iron Dome. Nope. Then I began to learn more, and more. The atrocities keep coming. Let […]

Donated Yarn

The yarn fairy is for real!!! Below, I just want to share with you some things around the house. We got new sets of drawers for the two little girls, so I got the blue & red dresser. I was able to reorganize my craft storage space in my room and the picture below is […]

2022 Goals or No Goals?

One more year has come and gone. If there’s anything the last 2 years have taught us is that you can’t plan for everything. But God isn’t asking us to plan for everything, He’s asking us to live. Are you living your life in a way to love, serve, and know God and to love […]