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All links herein are affiliate links, they provide me a small payment when you use them but do not change your price at all, in fact, using my links will often get you a discount! These are all products I use and love. By using them you support my business and Fiat!

How to become a Tech EditorPurchase page on Teachable

Abbreviations Use ChecklistOnly $9 super mini course to know if and how to abbreviate.

A Simple Guide to Grading Crochet-ebook with bonus files

Crochet Foundry

Crochet Foundry is a beautiful magazine with exclusive patterns by excellent designers. All patterns are for sizes XS-5X and are written and edited for quality. When new issues are released, you can use my code Fiat20 to get a 20% discount (these discounts are for a limited time). Otherwise, you can always purchase your copy or sign up for a subscription at my link. During the first 5 days after launch, you will also receive Bonus Bundle of patterns and bonus sizing, gauge, and style guides.

How to Hire Emily-Hourly purchase or memberships

Testimonials from Clients (Designers)

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Affiliate Links

Here you will find affiliate links to companies and programs that I absolutely love. By clicking on them and making your own purchase or signing up, I will receive a small bonus. No change will be made to the great item or discount you might receive by using my link.

Site Ground Website Hosting

SiteGround is the hosting site I’m using and that I’ve been using since the beginning. They are prompt and supportive any time I’ve had a problem. I’m very pleased with their service. You can find them by clicking on the banner above, or HERE.

Furls Crochet

Furls crochet is the BEST hook company in the crochet world! I literally threw out a RIB by crocheting too much with a bad hook during my last pregnancy. No kidding. I lost my cro-jo for months after that. But now, with my Furls Ergonomic hooks, I never have to worry about that kind of pain ever again!

This is just a small sampling of the greatness of Furls. Not only do they have ergonomic hooks in a variety of styles and prices, but they now have Tunisian hooks, knitting needles, yarn, yarn bowls, hook cases, and a great many other things that you will love to add to your gift list.

Darn Good Yarn

Shop Darn Good Yarn

Darn Good Yarn is a fabulous yarn and clothing company that is providing jobs to mostly women (and men) in India and Nepal. They are also using scraps from sari factories to make exquisite sari silk yarn! I love this stuff. You can see it in my patterns Sari Silk Boho Scarf and Cut the Cord Clutch.

Shop Darn Good Yarn

I have been a member of the DGY Yarn of the Month club since early 2019. I have loved every single box and there’s always a gift. It’s the CHEAPEST yarn box club you will find anywhere and you’re helping women have jobs! There are so many WINS in this thing! Click HERE to join now.

New Subscribers get 15% OFF - Shop Now -

Find all the latest Darn Good Yarn DEALS right here! These are frequently changing, you never know what you’ll get.

Shop Darn Good Yarn

If you want to Join the Affiliate Team and help promote and support this fabulous company and all the good it does then you can join me right HERE. It’s a great program!

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