Buy Tech Edit Time

You’re on your way to beautiful, clear patterns. Choose from the following options to hire Emily as your Tech Editor.

STANDARD pay per hour

You buy the time as needed and send patterns when you’re ready.

Time never expires.

Applies to ALL patterns regardless of type.

I will deduct minutes spent editing each pattern, 20 minute minimum per pattern.

One hour $40

Two hours $80

Three hours $110 (Save $10!!!)

Choose your time

Scheduling your pattern

Sign up for a day on my Calendly link here:

Membership Options

**Be sure to read all pertinent information regarding membership opportunities. 12 Month commitment is required. Yearly amount may be paid at once with a 2 month free discount ($2,000-Superstar, $800-Professional).

Monthly Membership Subscription

Monthly Option 12 Month Commitment

Yearly Membership Subscription

12 Months Paid in Full (2 months free)

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