How to Write Crochet Ebooks

If you’re wanting to learn more about writing crochet and writing it well, you’re in the right place. I’ve edited over 1,400 patterns and I’ve seen it all. As I hope to educate all designers, I know I can’t do it in person for everyone. Here is a list of products that I’ve made to help you learn and write impeccable crochet patterns. The better your patterns are written, the easier it is for your reader. When it’s easy for your reader, you have happy readers. Happy readers are return readers and what does that mean for you??? $$$$$ Let’s face it, we’re here because we’re creative, but we’re putting in the extra effort to get a little more yarn money, am I right?

Writing Crochet: How to Write Colorwork

Colorwork is allways in style. Whether you’re going corner to corner, working a Fair Isle sweater, or making some awesome mittens, it can be confusing telling the maker how and when to use all those colors. With this guide, I will not only tell you some background on pattern writing with multiple colors, but I will also give you several pattern writing examples for changing colors. Both changing colors at the beginning or end of lines and also when you have to change colors several times within a line. Also, what to do when different colors work different stitches? I’ve got you covered. Available for only $27.

Writing Crochet: For Multiple Sizes

This guide will advise you on how to write your pattern for multiple sizes. How to arrange the numbers, how to show omitted sizes, how to relay the proper information to the reader. This guide is only $9. Now available for pre-order! Release date June 16, 2021. Get $1 off when you use coupon code: earlybird

This is not about how to calculate the appropriate numbers. For that information, see A Simple Guide to Grading Crochet.

A Simple Guide to Grading Crochet

This guide is a step-by-step instruction guide to help you tackle the issue of grading your crochet pattern. It’s helped loads of designers venture forth into the world of garment making and allowed them to expand their business.

Writing Crochet: Line of Instruction Styles

You know the parts of a pattern, but you want help with writing the actual instructions? This guide is for YOU! I will walk you through the questions you need to ask and answer for each and every pattern before you start writing. Once you have your answers, you’re on your way to explaining your design.

Abbreviations Mini-Course

Do you need all of those abbreviations? What if you’re doing something new? This super cheap mini-course has all your questions and answers to the big question: To abbreviate or not to abbreviate?