Learn how to become a Tech Editor – coaching course

Tired of finding mistakes in patterns?

Love math and crochet?

What will you learn?

Emily’s back story
Basics of Tech Editing
Nuances of style
How to find clients

What will you get?

Tech Edit checklist
Trello & Editing program Tutorials
Guide to Grading ebook
Two 30 minute phone calls

After signing up, I will contact you to schedule our phone calls and send you additional materials.

I already have your Grading Ebook and I don’t want to pay for it again, do I get a discount? 
Absolutely, yes!  You should have already received an email from me with a discount link.  EMAIL ME HERE if you missed it or if you’ve recently purchased the ebook and would like the discounted code for the course. This is a super secret discount that is ONLY for customers of the ebook.  

What if I can’t afford $189 right now?

You can make 2 monthly payments of $100 each.

Do you need to be a designer to be a tech editor? No, you do not need to be a designer to be a tech editor.  If you are good at reading patterns, crochet, math and English, then you could be a good tech editor.

Will I learn how to get started as a tech editor?

Yes, You will learn the tools you need to get started as a tech editor and how to find clients.

Can I see more about the course?

Sure, click HERE for a little more info.

I’ve been testing, should I be a tech editor?

If you frequently find errors in the patterns you test and you are diligent about telling your designers about each and every inconsistency and error, then you might be a good tech editor.

Will I learn how to grade patterns?

Yes, A Simple Guide to Grading Crochet is part of the program materials.  This ebook will walk you step-by-step through the process of grading a pattern.  The same information can be used to check the grading in a pattern written by a designer.

Will I learn how to do the math in a pattern?

Yes, We will cover what math to keep track of in a pattern.


Will I learn how to edit my own patterns?

No.  If you are a designer, this course could help you to know where a TE is looking for certain kinds of mistakes, but there is no replacement for a separate set of eyes reading your pattern.  We simply cannot edit our own work, our brains won’t allow it.

Will I learn EVERYTHING about how to edit a pattern?

No, this is not a course to cover every single type of thing to look for or correct in a pattern.  Crochet covers a wide variety of types and styles.  Each crochet designer is unique, too.  This course will give you the tools you need to get started on your own career.

Will I learn how to use editing platforms?

Yes, this course will show you tutorials in using common document editing software, spreadsheet programs, pdf editing software, and trello.

How much is this course?

The full list price is $189. 


Will I learn the life of a pattern from start to finish?

Not exactly. A Simple Guide to Grading crochet shows much of the life of a pattern.  This course is not about pattern design or pattern creation.  This course focuses on the role of the tech editor.

Will I learn how to professionally talk to designers/clients?

Yes, I will give you some tips for talking with designers

Will I learn the proper terminology for crochet patterns?

Yes, but I follow the Craft Yarn Council for US terminology and their information is free for all.