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Dear Crochet Designers,

Do you have more and more ideas churning up in your head each month? Do you have more ideas that you’d like to have edited? Do you want charts or schematics added to more patterns but you don’t have time to draw them all? Do you want to have ready access to your tech editor to pick her brain about how to write your patterns?

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******New Option: Mini-Membership, Scroll to the bottom!!******

Superstar Membership

With the Superstar level, I will be your personal, professional tech editor. You will effectively have me on retainer to serve you. When your patterns come in, you will be moved to the top of my “to-do” list of patterns. You will be allowed to send in as many patterns as you wish to be edited. You could ask for charts and schematics on all patterns.

Professional Membership

The Professional level membership is for the designer who is ready for a more professional designing career. You will be able to submit patterns up to 2 hours of editing time per month. This is typically 2 garments or 4 accessories. If you design other items, we can come to an arrangement about a monthly amount of patterns. You will receive priority service (after Superstars) and you will also get to have 2 schematics and 1 chart or diagram made each month.

Symbol Charts & Diagrams


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Mini-Membership Option

So you’re not creating 4 or 6 patterns a month, but you’d like to have access to Emily. What about the mini-membership option. For $40 per month, you will receive 60 non-rollover minutes plus 1 schematic or symbol diagram. Not both! You get one created digital file (either symbol diagram or schematic) to go along with one of the patterns you submit. Just like the professional level membership, your tech edit minutes expire per month and the following month you startover with 60 new minutes.