Pattern Interrupted with Emily

Are you ready to stop making common mistakes in patterns? You need this course! Stop losing customers. Start writing like a professional.

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What will you learn? The top 5 writing mistakes that I see in patterns almost every day!!

I’ve blogged about these topics. I’ve corrected these things. I’ve taught countless designers how to write like a pro…and I still see the same mistakes in new patterns.

You will learn how to properly write with a forward slash /.

You will learn how to properly write units (cm, m, yd, in, etc.).

You will learn how to properly write out multiple sizes in a pattern. Not the same as my How to write for multiple sizes ebook, available here. The ebook goes in-depth as to how to write your pattern. Pattern Interrupted covers simply how to write the numbers out in your pattern.

You will learn how to properly write a yarn description (even though I’ve had this blog post up for years). In the course, I go through several different yarn labels with varying amounts of information and show you how to write up each one.

You will learn how to properly write for the chain spaces in your pattern.

But those all sound so simple!

You’d like to think that, wouldn’t you?

And yet, I still see them mis-written in numerous patterns. I’m not just trying to get you to write the way that I want you to write. I’m helping you with strategies that are more universal in writing information of this type. Much of this information comes from my scientific writing background. But we’re not writing science, Emily. Yes, I know. However, when you’re writing out strings of numbers, using units for measurements, and writing for a wide audience, you want it to be as clear as you can. But more than this, you want it to be consistent. Learning a structured rule to follow will help you to stay consistent in all of your patterns.

But why do I have to care about this stuff? Can’t I write patterns however I want?

Yes, you have some leeway in writing your crochet and knit patterns. If you are writing for a publisher and the publisher has a style guide, you follow it! Why should you care? If you are writing your own pattern and your personal style is drastically different from all other patterns out there, you are not going to attract many readers. Readers and makers and your customers want to be able to easily understand your pattern. If they take one look at your style and see that it is not like many other patterns they’ve read, if they have to re-learn how to read your particular style, well, there better be a compelling reason for them to stay. I’ve spoken to numerous makers who will completely disregard a designer due to one poorly written pattern.

Stop losing customers. Start writing like a professional.