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These are affiliate links for businesses that I especially love.  By using them, I will receive compensation.  These links help to support my blog and my fiat.  Thank you.

Site Ground Web Hosting:  Are you ready to take the leap into big time blogging or establish your own online shop?  Site Ground is the hosting company that I chose when I switched from a free wordpress site to paid hosting.  There are benefits to stepping away from the free site.  Site Ground was excellent at transferring everything I had on the old site to the new one.  Everything has been seamless since I’ve begun this journey with them.  If you would like to help me by choosing my link, here it is for Site Ground.

Furls Crochet Hooks:  Furls crochet hooks are truly life changing.  I delayed way too long before purchasing one.  I thought they were too expensive but I was spend just as much, if not more on yarn each time I went to the yarn store.  Once I’ve used them, I see a complete difference in my muscle wear, stress and functionality compared to when I am not using a Furls hook.  Now, with the Odyssey and Streamline series, they are more affordable than ever.  If you’d like to check it out for yourself, please find Furls Crochet Hooks here at my link.

Amazon:  Yep, I’m an Amazon affiliate.  For all your Amazon shopping, think of me.  🙂

Here’s a basic Amazon link if you’re wanting to surf.

Annie’s:  Annie’s is a leader in craft accessories, kits, books, classes, you name it.  Not just crochet and knit, they have cross stitch, needlepoint and a wide variety of other crafting hobbies covered.  Click the logo, below, to shop at Annie’s.

Ibotta:  Ibotta is a shopping app that rewards you rebates from the things you choose to buy.  I have a whole post on this awesome app, check it out here.  This is my personal referral link.  I will get $5 when you get your first rebate, but you will start your rebate account with $10 dollars!!  Half way to your first gift card!


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