THANK YOU for choosing me as your Tech Editor !!

Here's a Great Big hug from me to you!

Thank you so much for supporting my family and my fiat! My goal is to help YOU bring beauty and wonder to the world through clear and understandable patterns. Now that you’ve bought your time, feel free to email me at with your patterns or to schedule consulting time.

For each new pattern: Please Sign up on my Calendly (above) then send a new email with “[pattern name] to edit” as the subject line.

Google doc links, or Word docs are preferred.

Pdf’s are acceptable as well, but not the easiest to edit.

I will SAVE AS a new file with “_ER1” extension. Any additional revisions will have the next number added to my initials. If you choose to join me in this notation, you would add your initials to the filename with the number for your revision as follows:

  • To Emily: pattern name_QQ1
  • To Designer: pattern name _QQ1_ER1
  • To Emily: pattern name _QQ2_ER1
  • To Designer: pattern name _QQ2_ER2